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two men in lab coats, glasses and gloves working with a beaker filled with a foamy substance and a syringeThe treatment will use microneedles to possibly eliminate peanut allergies.
Kamaleshwar Singh and Yu-Wei Chang. Yu-Wei is holding a plaqueTexas Tech University researchers may have found a way to treat the condition.
clouds and mountains in background, ice with veins of dirt in the foregroundThe film, which examines global climate change through soil science, is a collaborative effort between the Department of Plant and Soil Science and Texas Tech Public Media.
Nathan Hall and Alexandra Protopopova kneeling with their dogs next to themThe grants will go toward studying various effects dogs have on behavioral and physical health of children.
(l-r) Tyler Holden, Paul Valadez and Dalton DellspergerThe TownWave app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.


How Can We Help?

Finding Funding
Developing and Submitting a Proposal
Human Research Protection Program
Animal Care
Disclosing an Invention

Entrepreneurial Programs
Investigator Financial Disclosure



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